August 2020 Working Dog School

Assistant Teacher for the day

Our second school for the year went well.

The weather was terrible but that didn’t stop the keen handlers coming to learn new skills and hone up on some old ones.

We had a nice small school of 5 with a mix of handlers from a raw beginner to a experienced person wanting to hone their skills on starting a young dog. There was a real mix of dogs as well from Kelpies to Koolie to Cattle Dogs.

The first day started with an assessment of where each person and their dogs. From the start some issues became obvious. By the end of the day plans where in place to address those problems.

👏For Kip who started the day by leaving the round yard and having a ball running around the paddock. By the end of the day he was working with his handler much better. Was showing some style with the sheep, which gave his young owner some confidence.

👏We had one young man here swearing blue his dog would not back for him. The smile on his face when on the first go up she went and had a ball doing it. Lesson learnt on its all about your position.

👏For the 2 young dogs on their second look at sheep. They started pretty messy, but really improved as the day went on. Gave their handler a good reminder of what he needed to do to keep going forward.

👏I must admit I am not a fan of Cattle Dogs but by the end of the weekend I’ve been won over. They where keen to give what ever was asked of them and so well behaved. Was great to see them working and some good tips where shared for how to improve.

👏The young Koolie had a slow start, not really interested in the sheep in the yard at all. Look out here comes Mindy to lend a hand. Lesson learnt, it helps to have a older dog lend a hand from time to time. By the end of the day the little dog was keen as mustard. Her handler left with a sparked interest in continuing to train her dog with stock.

The second day was a wash out unfortunately. The group will come back for another day to show us how they have improved.


Big Thank You Steve Weyman


2 thoughts on “August 2020 Working Dog School

  1. Sound like a fantastic weekend Sis so glad it’s working looking forward to reading about your next one….And to coming over the border myself for a vusit


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