Steve Weyman Working Dog School 2021 – Cancelled

Steve has managed large scale sheep and cattle properties through NSW. He has been trailing since 1977 with achievements listed below. Steve has judged many yard trials, 3 sheep and field trials including the first Supreme Australian sheepdog championship on Parliament House lawn in 1993. Steve has been out of competition scene for some years while working his own properties, however he did manage to judge the National Kelpie Trail 2019.

Steve has competed and achieved. 

Winner in Novice at National Kelpie trial 2019.

3X National Kelpie Trail

2X Australian Yard Dog Championship

2X NSW Yard Dog Championship, 4X Vic Yard Dog Championship

1X WA Field Trail Championship, 1X Tas Yard Dog Championship.

School LimitPaidInterested
This school has not been advertised. Steve will only do small groups so he can spend more time with people


Deposit to secure your spot in Gary White Next school


Final Payment

Final Payments are to be made one week before school commencement date. 6th March



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