Ben Coster Working Dog School

Ben Coster School 15th May 2021

We had a really good, although cold day for training. Thank goodness Ben and participants where brave enough to face the cold. There was a little drizzle so the new deck came to good use. Ben is a very calm and patient trainer. We enjoyed his teaching style.

It was good to see some people on a return visit. We had some new people from both the city and stock / grazers participating. I didn’t participate this time although thank you all for allowing me to have my short time getting my young ones to bark in the race. Ben’s method worked for me where others hadn’t.

Thanks all for your participation, you respect to others even though you all come from different area’s and walks of life was appreciated.

Big thank you to Ben. I appreciated the time he was able to give us. Thank you to Jenn for asking me to get Ben here. If there is a trainer you’d like to work with let me know and I’ll try and get them for you. HAPPY TRAINING.

Remember you can ask for a mentor on our Face Book Page.

All photos will be loaded onto Google Drive if you want copies.

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