Robert Cox Working Dog School

26th – 27th June Fantastic Weekend

Another great bunch of people came to train with Robert last weekend. We had a mix first timers & repeat attendees, season yard trailers & stockmen, with a last minute agility lady who had not worked with Robert for many years. Owen and I even manage to get some advice on a couple of our dogs.

The first day was pretty ordinary weather wise. Day two was much better. Still a little chilly in the morning and afternoon but the middle of the day was lovely in the sun.

Demo above on push and sides. Including how you can work and train two dogs to work together.

An important lesson. One of Roberts main training sayings is that a dog should come when it is called. Elizabeth and Lucy worked on this for the class.

Lesson on backing and barking. Robert like most things does this different to others I have seen. I like his slow and steady approach. Braking the process down into smaller steps so the dog can understand what’s being asked.

Lesson in clearing the gate and or a tight knot. Roberts method of support for the dog is nice to watch, it helps the dog better understand what’s being asked. Top job Ned

Roberts approach to training working dogs is different to others. My layman’s understanding, he doesn’t train dogs he works stock. He has a natural understand of the intensity level of a dog and what stock needs, to be worked effectively. He then modifies the intensity in the dog to suite. He break’s work down into patterns or conditioning for young dogs to learn to understand what’s going to eventually be asked off them. He is a firm believer in supporting and rewarding the dog when it has done something right. Not without discipline if the dog knows what’s being asked but ignores the ask. He keeps things simple.

A Big Thank You to Robert for agreeing to do this school. Owen and I really apricated it as did the people that came. Most who had worked with Robert in the past. We hope to get Robert back in 2022.

Robert CoxThankyou Donna and Owen . I really enjoyed your facilities .Had a wonderful time. Thank you to all the participants
Nicole Henry Thanks Donna and Owen for looking after all so well you both were awesome 😊
And thank you to you too Robert Cox I got so much out of your clinic, now to put into practice.
Stuart CarmichaelThanks Donna, Owen and Robert for a great weekend. I know what I was given, I’m more determined now to turn her into the success she should be, and more than hopeful she can work on my shortcomings.

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