Madra Manners Video

5 month old pups

Manners in not barging through doors and gates.

Group Feeding

Different Breeds and different ages

Bit of fun

Mental stimulation. Also good if you want your dog to back out of something

Party Trick 5 months old
2 months old

Teaching pup sit and that taking food from her is not a bad thing.

2 month old pup

Start recall and sit

5 Years old
Heel and speak
High focus call off. He loves his cows
Clip Training

This 10 month old was very sensitive to being touched around the neck / collar and hyper when being clipped and unclipped from lead. We did some desensitization. In this clip what you can not see is other dogs playing in bath tube in dog yard. She wanted to join in the fun. Basic manners of you can go play when you do what is being asked first.


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