David Motley Working Dog School

We had our first school for 2022 with David. The school was a nice sized school which allowed David to spend extra time with people. David was kind enough to stay with us which meant there was some evening and early morning dog chats. The weather was hot but we manage.

What a great weekend, even though I was buggered. What with nursing a sick dog and then David and I ended up doing a sheep check and lamb rescue, which meant I was up most of Saturday night trying to keep a lamb alive. What a nice person to help me out after spending the Saturday walking around and talking to people all day. I’ve even got a place to stay for Nyngan trail this year. Look out!

We had some repeat people come to the school this weekend which was great. The Cosgrove girls really liked David’s way of teaching, as he talked about the relationship between the dog, sheep and the handler. A penning dropped for them, which they can take back to their working day.

Precious a previous mascot returned. She is such a well behaved dog. She even wanted to help out at times.

All the dogs where well behaved. Even the little Kelpie I have been looking after.


Backing lesson with a young dog that David has.

We are very thankful that David was able to take time away from his busy schedule to spend the weekend with us. The two days before he came he was preg testing 5540 ewes. Then a 3 1/2 hour drive here to run the school. Then home to get ready to go to Tassie trailing. A big effort.

Owen and I both liked David’s training style which is similar to others but as always there is something new to take away. I found it interesting to watch Mitch’s dog reacted when he changed his eye contact with her. Just a very small change to get a better result. David’s way of handling pups I found to be different and refreshing. All participants came away with some new tools for the tool box.

2 thoughts on “David Motley Working Dog School

  1. I had a great time at the David Motley school. David’s approach to working dogs and livestock was very effective and explained clearly, and he was very patient and consistent throughout the weekend. I look forward to learning more from him in the future. Also a big thanks to Donna and Owen for hosting the dog school, they know a lot about dogs and are very accomodating and friendly.


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