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Borderville Maddie – Sheep

She’s going fantastic she balances the sheep beautifully. She is such a gorgeous girl and so good at paddock work and loves a bit of yard work but I can’t wait to put her in a trial she just absolutely loves to please and is a dream to train! 😁 N. Uildriks Canberra

DCs Madra Ivy – Cattle

She’s a gem, I just love her to bits she is so trainable.
She’s just an easy dog, has never barked in her cage, is very clean, I let her out and she follows me everywhere, she’s no hassle it’s great. So very pleased with Ivy’s progress. K.Wolgast QLD

Borderville Shelby – Cattle

Shelly is a nice bitch to have in the team. She will work all day from paddock to breaking weaners. She had a lot of eye as a pup and was slow to start but is starting to hit her straps now, give her another 6-12 months and there won’t be much she can’t do on the station. NSW M.Perez

DCs Madra Pepper – Pet

She is doing well. Pepper goes for about a 3-4km daily walk and plays at the dog park 3-4 days a week. She is very social and loves adults, kids and babies. She is very clever and is given 2 sentence commands which she understands. She is usually walked off lead in the bush at the back of owner’s property and is well behaved. She is walked off lead on main road and knows to walk on the foot path and watch out for driveways. She loves watching birds and will purposely leave some breakfast for them each morning so she can then go chase them.

At the dog park, she socialises very well with all dogs, loves running and herding all the kelpie crosses.

She gets embarrassed if she is dirty, muddy or going to the toilet, she would take herself away from prying eyes.

If I say cuddle, she comes and sit between my legs and put her head against my head. Sometime when I am stressed, she senses it and just comes and sit next to me or put her head on my legs

In the evening when we watch tv, she sits on the couch between her adult owners and  stretches out completely – she is quite long – and wants me to rub her tummy and pet her behind her ears.

When we do go out, I tell her job is look after the house. And she does but I think usually she just sleeps by the door and wait for me to come home.

She plays well with her child owners. They all adore and love her, give her cuddles a lot but she has a main person in the house.

She has a beautiful personality, when owner take her for walks around the neighborhood now, all the kids and neighbor’s recognize her and want to pet her. She does jump and give people a kiss.

Borderville Prim-Rose – Sheep

Prim is going great, loving life on the farm. She is showing lots of interest in the sheep but we are just working on getting some control first. She is a lovely natured pup, very happy with her. L. Stass NSW

DCs Madra Peppy – Sheep & Cattle

Peppy is doing great and loves working the cattle and sheep.
Does great with the geese as well lol.
Honestly we couldn’t get the sheep anywhere we wanted before Peppy.

He has a very wide cast, great response to commands and will willingly work for hours. He has a very friendly calm nature and is extremely obedient. Owners are so happy with him that they are doing a joining with him this year.

Nipper Brown – Sheep

Ross was giving him a go with a big mob of sheep, and he was responding appropriately and Ross feels Nip will train up very nicely. Nipper has grown nicely. He appears to  have now matured and overcome  his extreme boisterousness. Ross feels he has potential,  despite being soft in the feet. Nipper is quite settled now when he is allowed to roam around the house yard, and doesn’t bother the chooks.
He is a very happy fellow, who is developing some very gentle ways with our young grandsons. He is a very gentle dog with our grandsons, he’s just a bit big for them currently. L& R McDonald VIC

Borderville Bonnie – Sheep

I am really happy with Bonnie. She’s will keep stock together no matter what. Has nice natural distance in the paddock but can also get up nice and tight in the yards. She will back for me and likes the excitement on the yards. I have gotten her to bark but it is a high pitch bark like her mothers that I don’t like so I have given up teaching her to push with bark. She can give a good clean nip on the nose if needed.

Borderville Ben – Sheep

Owen is really happy with Ben. He is a natural paddock dog. Nice with his stock. He recently had a go on cattle with this mum and dad as back up and loved it. Very nice nature. Owens had a few people off to buy him. 🙂

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