Pups 2022

ETA 27th June. Ready to leave end of August.

1 Pup sold

About Our Dogs

Goes without saying our dogs are intelligent, they are Collies after all. Our dogs will work with you, they are easy to train in that they are biddable and want to please. They are catchy and hold type dogs. We keep high to medium drive dogs so have a variance in softer paddock type dogs to harder type dogs.

Coefficient of Inbreeding 1.96%

Jet DNA tested for CA (LING03) , CA (VMP1), Collie Eye and TNS with negative markers.

Ember DNA tests Results pending

Jet has a lot of drive. He does work in the yards and paddock. He is happy in both as he just wants to please. No bark, but will give a clean bite on the nose if needed. He does back and doesn’t mind getting into tight spots. I have tried him on cattle which he is happy to work as well as sheep.

Ember is also high drive she would work all day if you let her. She is a softer paddock type bitch. Doesn’t like anything getting away from her. She was a bit touchy to train as she doesn’t like getting in trouble but also knew what she was doing so over rode every chance she could. I wouldn’t say she’s a yard dog but she dose like the excitement of the yards and will give a nip on the nose if need. Although not a clean bite and needs encouragement OR permission to do it.

Previous Litter Updates
Fresh Ewes and Lambs
Fresh Ewes and Lambs.
Jet Our First Utility Trail
Ember Casting
Lost sight of her so whistled a couple of extra times

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