Gary White School May 2022

What a tremendous weekend with Gary. We had mainly stock people this school and the caliber of the dogs was up there. Four local people attended which was great. The rest travelled from Oberon, Gilgandra, Sydney and Victoria.

Although we had one young dog and beginner handler there was more time spent in the paddock than the training yard. This meant that people could see first hand how basic training moves out to a bigger area and how getting the basics right effects everything else from there. Everyone thought they had a stop on their dogs until it was really put to the test. This was an eye opener for some who have been working dogs for years and could see the difference between a good solid stop and a half stop.

Tail to the rail was a term I had not heard Gary say before and it was a ping moment for me.

Vic with his young dog. Sensible man having a Collie. 🙂 Vic is just starting out and found the school very helpful to get on the right foot with his dog. Although they where beginners he already had a good bond with his pup and they did really well.

Sarah is a contract stockwomen and has Koolie & Koolie Xs. Best behaved Koolies I have seen. She has a strong bond with her dogs and they would do anything with her. What a super mum she is too. When she said she was coming with a baby I was a bit hesitant but she proved me wrong. Her little girl is adorable and I would say is going to be a dog trainer like her mum when she grows up.

The Boys from Vic. Nicest fellows. They had a good sound pack of dogs and really got a lot out of the school. They have been working stock for years and want to get into trailing more, to do that they have recognized that to compete you need a well polished dog. Something that is hard to do when you take your dogs to work every day and have no trainer sheep. They saw the importance of having sheep that will work with you when training your dogs.

Hat’s off to Tanya. Hubby got this dog and then did nothing. Tanya’s stepped up to train the dog and get into trailing. She did a awesome job on the weekend. As her and her dogs confidence grows she’ll progress well I am sure.

Cass is on property and has this ripper of a pup. Look out for her in the future.

Sharon is a return customer and loves working with Gary. She has come a long way from her days in Sydney. She now owns property locally and is running sheep and cropping. Another like minded person living her dream.

George is a local fellow and has been working dogs for years. Stockman who was looking to fine tune his dogs and continue learning.

Diana has two large stations that she runs with her hubby. She is determined to get her dogs well started so she can work with them on the property.

Mark is from Sydney and is living his retirement dream traveling to trail and work his dogs.

A big thank you to Gary for coming again. I am glad we could laugh about my dog chasing ability.

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