Bill Davidson School 2022

Bill going through tricks to work obstacles

Another fantastic weekend with like minded people working to hon their dog training skills. This school was specific for 3 sheep trailers however the concepts of training are not that different. Bill takes things to the next level to fine tune and get the most out of your dog.

We had a few young pups which Bill was able to show people how to start. The rest of the pack where experienced trailers in 3 sheep, utility and yards. It was great to see a couple of yard dog trailers coming to see what else they could pick up to work on their dogs with.

The morning started a bit fresh but the sun came out for some beautiful days.

It was a nice change to see the Black and White Collies out showing their stuff

Up and coming stock dogs

Just some of the Kelpies that came to show their stuff.

Mascot for this weekend Rip

Great bunch of people who have a sound partnership with their dogs. Some of these dogs as well as hitting the trail ground work a full days work. Others are city dogs that have owners who work hard to work with them on what they are breed for. Respect to all.

Bill going through some of his training and education steps. I found it really interesting when he describe what he does to get his dogs ready physically and mentally for a trail. Some of his advice that I found resonated with me.

Work with a dog that suites your personality.

Look at the weakest link and work on that.

Control yourself

Precision on stop, sides, depth, cast, small sides etc.. Don’t accept 2nd best.

Paivi Torronen
Thanks Donna. Enjoyable weekend that covered lots of information. Has given me some things to work on with the dogs, here’s hoping that I get it right!! Hopefully this spring I’ll get the time to get back in the swing of things and get out on the trial grounds again.
Tsuey Hiu
Big shoutout to Donna Lindley and Owen for hosting yet another awesome seminar and to Bill Davidson for his instruction and insightful advice on how to improve our dogs’ skills and what to focus on in each dog. Great to see & meet all the teams at the seminar. Here’s to all of us successfully tackling our list of “to-dos
Ted Mulry
Thank you, Donna and Owen, of the invitation to attend the Bill Davidson school. Bill provided the ingredients to use in preparing a dog for trialing, and a very helpful insight into evaluating our and the dogs performance along the way. The weekend was very enjoyable. I learned heaps of good stuff. Now to put it all together!
Jessica Kimpton
Thanks guys! Was a fantastic weekend, learned heaps
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