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About me

I started obedience training as I had a rescue dog that was a nightmare to take for a walk. Little dog syndrome on steroids. Blossom is no longer with me, but we spent 2 years learning together. She taught me so much. By the end of the 2 years this little dog that would try and attack anything in sight when going for a walk, didn’t matter the size of the other dog or in some cases human, was able to be in a large group of dogs and follow her obedience training. I could place her in middle of circle with up to 30 other dogs walk away and recall he back to me. It was the start of something bigger.

I now have 13 dogs at home. 7 of these being mine and the rest hubbies. I train my working Collie’s to work stock specifically sheep. Basic obedience comes into that training at a young age. You need your dog to come when its called. Stop is critical, it can potentially save your dogs life. Then theirs the basic sit and stay. Drop or down. Up to get up into cage, back of ute, onto sheep’s back. I do some fun training when I can’t work stock. Hide and seek is a good one. Reversing. Teaching the dog to bark and more importantly stop.

I hold a cert 3 in animal studies and am continuing my training with a training and dog psychology course in 2022.

Madra (Dog) Manners Matter

My mission is to give people the tools, training and understanding to have a healthier and happier relationship with their dogs. Dogs are happier and better behaved if they are given mental and physical stimulation from their human. We have a responsibility to them, as their whole life, to be strong for them, so that they feel secure and are at their happiest.


I will come to you to train you in basic dog obedience. Or you can come to me. Can’t do either why not zoom met for a session. Training plans will be built on dogs age, drive trigger and your time commitment.

Inclusive : Lead training, Sit, Stay, Recall, Stop, Down, Leave.

If you have a pup I’ll help you get ready for your vet visits.


Initial Consultation is $60 for one hour. This includes history about you and your dog and some starter tips specialized for you. This is the start of your training plan.

As you and your dog will do better with consistency longer commitment plans give added discounts. Each weekly session will be for 1 hour.

Plan 1
  • 6 week training plan
Plan 2
  • 8 week training plan
Plan 3
  • 10 week training plan
Plan 4
  • 1 hour session

I hold regular training sessions on my property as well. These are either 1 on 1 or in group depending on how many people have interest. These sessions are $40 an hour.

Zoom assistance. Can’t come to me. We can zoom chat and you can show and tell me what your issues are. These sessions are $30 an hour and can be held at time that suites us both.

Training Video

Madra Manners uses KatsnDogs Treats

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