Litters 2022

9 thoughts on “Litters 2022

  1. Very interested in Ivy. I am on a property and am looking for a family/ work dog. We also trial so she would be very happy here with us please can I grab a number to call you on please


  2. Just inquiring what pups are for sale at the moment, and what sires are available.Could you let me know what you have, and price please


  3. Hi, you puppy’s and parents are gorgeous. I’m keen to know if Pepper is for sale she is adorable, also interested in Port. Can you please tell me a price and if still available. Thank you 😀


  4. Im interested in the bitch pup tri colour, black centre face marking. I have a pure bred kelpie that needs a, just as energetic, friend. Since he’s been retired from shed/yard work at age of 3.


  5. I am looking nfor a work and trial dog and am very interested in BILL from Borderville litter would like to know Price if still available


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